The Shop Fair Trade Workshop

Sally is a passionate Fair Trade advocate, and here’s her great blog about how everyone can support the Fair Trade movement!


Hi There and welcome to ‘The Shop Fair Trade Workshop on using Blogging and Social Media to Promote Fair Trade’. That’s a bit of a mouth full isn’t it!

In this workshop post I will be explaining a little more about;

– Who ‘Shop Fair Trade’ is.

– How you can also be a fair trade advocate using a blog or other forms of social media.

– Introduce you to another amazing fair trade blogger.

– Show you how to highlight products that you love and share information about fair trade to others in a creative way.

– And Finally Challenge you to upload your own posts or give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

First lets start with this:


This photo came up in my newsfeed on Facebook recently and made me smile. If you haven’t tried all these programs or forms of social…

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