Why cotton scarves deserve your attention

Qinnie, Director of Oz Fair Trade

Qinnie, Director of Oz Fair Trade

I’m a big fan of scarves. I admit it, I’m an addict. My collection is well over 100, comprising of delicate silk scarves, warm alpaca scarves and anything in between. However, I find myself again and again grabbing the cotton scarves at last minute before an outing, or just before going on an extended holiday. This hand woven cotton scarf of mine was a travel find from Yunnan, China many years ago. It has travelled with me all around Australia and to Southeast Asia, Tibet and Nepal; and I’m sure it will accompany me for many more trips to come.

Although I’m still deeply in love with my delicate silk scarves and super warm alpaca scarves, I find cotton scarves extremely convenient.

Easy to carry, soft to wear, fits in a handbag, machine washable, and after more than 10 years it is still as beautiful as when I found it in a little town called Lijiang. I was amazed at the hand weaving skills of the locals and felt instantly in love with the cotton scarves. I bought one, and I’ve searching all over the world to get hands on another.

So when I learned that one of my long term Fair Trade supplier in Laos made these scarves, I was very excited! When the box arrived in Australia, I eagerly opened it, and wrapped my face in those beautiful soft cotton scarves. I was delighted!

Of all of friends, none of them possess a hand woven cotton scarf. Perhaps it’s a fashion thing, or a status thing, that cotton scarves just aren’t seen as “cool” or “beautiful”. But they are!

They will only get softer as time passes, and they will be the most used scarves of all I promise you!

We currently have a small collection of organic hand woven cotton scarves made by Lao village women, so if you are interested please check them out here.


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