How sugru is changing the world

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Jane ní Dhulchaointigh is the inventor and CEO of sugru. An innovative new self setting rubber for fixing, sealing and modifying just about anything. She began her startup journey back in 2003 whilst studying for her masters in Product Design. She was tired of having to buy new things when her stuff got a bit broken. In most cases all it needed was for something simple to seal or mould around the broken possession.

In the current climate, mending things makes obvious sense besides buying new, and Jane began to think – what if everyone else had the same sense of frustration? What if there came a miracle little product on the market that fixed things simply? Saving everyone time and money, and salvaging the products people have had for years, whilst minimising wastefulness. This was her eureka moment. 


She got her sketchbook out and started imagining a world with a miracle…

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