the Love for Music brings People together – my perspective on the National Folk Festival

National Folk Festival

For the past four days I have been volunteering at the National Folk Festival. My job was easy and hard at the same time: changing rubbish bins. Each day, I did a five hour shift during which I covered the Festival ground again and again. My feet complained but I was determined to finish my job and do it well. Each day, I also had a few hours to freely spend on festival events, and I loved them! There were musicians coming from all walks of life and all corners of earth! What I loved most was the spirit in the air, the smile on people’s faces, the bands formed on the spot, the kids who played music on the streets, the women who danced to music…

I played piano for a few years when I was young, but I never enjoyed it and never considered music as fun because in my mind it’s always associated with hours of practice forced upon me. But the Festival totally changed my perspective on music. People were having fun, so much fun! One person would start a tune, then another would follow, then another, then a band is formed on the spot! It was wonderful, and they were clearly enjoying themselves, because happiness is contagious.

Music was in the air. Music was everywhere.

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