Turning 30

After 14.5 years in China and 15.5 years in Australia, I am truly a product of mixed cultural influences. On the eve of my 30th birthday, I look back at my achievements and regrets.


  • Survived a childhood without my mum, who left me for Australia when I was 4.
  • Safely made a solo return trip from China to Australia when I was 9.
  • Moved to Australia when I was 14 and survived the first six months of school subject to bully and language barriers.
  • Graduated from high school with an UAI of 99.3 and became an unlikely dux.
  • Managed to finish an actuarial degree and an economics degree.
  • Moved to Canberra alone and made a few good friends.
  • Got driver’s licence after two years of classes.
  • Landed a job where my skills can be utilised.
  • Taught myself how to ride a bike.
  • Learned to swim.
  • Learned to camp.
  • Found love.
  • Found passion.
  • Founded a charity.
  • Lots of travel.
  • Been to Tibet.
  • Adopted a rescue dog.


  • Not taking a gap year.
  • Chose a career based on UAI and expected future salary.
  • Gave up piano after just two years.
  • Being anti-social in university.
  • Spent my hard earned cash on fast fashion.
  • Not spending more time with my grandparents before they passed away.

On the eve of turning 30, I am content. I have a good job, nice colleagues, a loving partner, healthy parents, a cute dog, an upcoming European trip, a growing charity and a number of supporters. Most of these were not imaginable three years ago.

My biggest wish for the next decade is to grow Oz Fair Trade and to convince more people to choose fair trade.

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