Here’s to you!

It’s been almost two years since I decided to set up an online fair trade shop to better lives of the people I met during my trip to Southeast Asia and many like them. It’s time to reflect and be grateful.

I am grateful for the trip that I took in late 2012 which inspired me to start something meaningful. I am grateful that my ex-partner took me on this trip. Without him, I might have chosen to visit the developed countries in Europe, just like most other Chinese people would do. We have our differences and our relationship didn’t work out, but I will never regret meeting him and loving him.

I am grateful for the technological advances that allowed anyone to build an e-commerce without knowing anything about coding.

I am grateful for the emotional support I received from my friends, my colleagues, my ex-partner and his family.

I am grateful to Canberra CityNews and The Chronicle for featuring my story early on despite a terrible looking website.

I am grateful to my early customers who supported this little start-up despite a terrible website and pretty bad product images.

I am grateful for meeting socially conscious bloggers and journalists who have featured me in their blogs/articles.

I am grateful to Google for publishing its Search Engine Optimisation Guideline, which enabled me to do my own SEO and reach new customers.

I am grateful to friends who have helped me to customise/fix the website from time to time.

I am grateful for advices from experienced social entrepreneurs like Nick Salvadis from Etiko.

I am grateful to Intrepid for organising fantastic life changing trips and for featuring me in their blog.

I am grateful for the assistance I received from the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand.

I am grateful for having role models who have built successful social enterprises.

I am grateful for the domestic help I get daily from my father, which frees up my time to work on Oz Fair Trade.

I am grateful for being selected as one of the sellers on Good Spender, a new online marketplace for ethical products.

I am grateful to all my customers who have supported Oz Fair Trade. Without you, there will be no Oz Fair Trade.

I am grateful to anyone who has helped to spread the word.


2 thoughts on “Here’s to you!

  1. Judith W says:

    Qinnie, I am grateful to you, for providing a place where I can help people in need. The small amount I am able to contribute would otherwise not reach those those people.
    Enjoy the festive season.
    Judith W.


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