Peace Crane – my hope for a better world

If you have ever bought from Oz Fair Trade, you would have received an origami like the one in the picture. Did you wonder who made it? Well…I made it!


It’s a small gesture to wish you good luck and good health, and I hope it’s something that you will keep.

It is also a symbol for peace, hence the name Peace Crane.

Too many tragedies have happened lately, and my heart is filled with anger and sorrow. I am angry that some people can be so evil and cruel. I am distressed that so many innocent lives have been lost, and so many people have suffered.

Making origami is a form of meditation for me. It calms me, especially at times like this. I once made one thousand tiny paper cranes and hung them on my door. They were lovely. Smaller cranes taker longer though, but people are always amazed by them. There is a saying that one thousand cranes equals one wish granted. If only it were true.

So next time when you receive a crane, please know that it was handmade by me, and I sent it to you with best wishes for you and the world!

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