New Year’s Resolutions

Time seems to go faster as I age. I feel the urgency, and I want to make most of every day.

Here are my resolutions for 2015:

  • Lose weight and get fit (I’ve picked up table tennis, tennis, tai chi and golf, so this should be achievable)
  • Keep growing Oz Fair Trade and supporting more producers
  • Provide excellent customer service as usual
  • Recruit volunteers to help me run Oz Fair Trade
  • Assist local and wider communities through Rotary
  • Fight for human rights issues through Amnesty
  • Lead ACT Fair Trade Collective to push forward fair trade movement in Canberra
  • Meet more like-minded individuals through Canberra Sustainable and Fair Living Meetup (you are invited!)
  • Do well at my day job (which seems more like a side-project now given how much other stuff I have on…)

Cheers to a busy and fulfilling year ahead!