How to rebrand an e-commerce store (Part IV)

How much does social media matter?

It is now unthinkable to run a business especially an e-commerce business without a social media presence. What happens when a business changes its name? This was an essential part of my research before I made the decision to change the business name from ‘Global Handmade’ to ‘Oz Fair Trade’. Here’s what I found:

  • Facebook: easy to change url (self-service) but hard to change page name (need to submit a request, and keep trying if the initial request was rejected)
  • Twitter: easy to change username and url is automatically updated
  • Pinterest: easy to change username and url is automatically updated
  • Instagram: easy to change username and url is automatically updated
  • LinkedIn: easy to change business name and url is automatically updated
  • Google Plus: it was easier to create a new page in my situation

I also needed to update the information on third party review websites like True Local and Word Of Mouth Online. I found both fairly easy to do.

There might be other website/apps that you use for business. For example, I was using Survey Monkey and Mail Chimp. In the case of Survey Monkey, I simply created a new account, and it was fairly straight forward. In the case of Mail Chimp, I decided to update my information in the old account. It became messy. Mail Chimp extracts certain information from the account to be used in email footers (e.g. reply email, business name etc.), and it was not apparent in some cases why the old information still kept appearing even though I thought I had updated all information in my settings. I think I have solved the issues now, but I’m still not 100% certain. In hindsight, I should have simply created a new account.

The other thing left to update was my WordPress powered blog. I found that it was easy to change username etc. but it’s also a good idea to create a new (free) blog with the old name and inform people about the change ( It’s similar to the reason why I have kept the old website. It is always important to do everything possible to reduce confusion during a re-branding exercise.

Coming soon: How to rebrand an e-commerce store (Part V) – people matter