No-brainer weight loss program


All my life I have struggled with weight. I wished for a magic pill that would undo all the calories I consumed. I’ve tried all sorts of weight loss programs, diets, exercise programs etc. etc. and they either didn’t work at all or worked only for a short time period.

I thought it was unfair, and that weight loss was too hard. Until…I came across this quote:

“For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.”

I have been upset over a first world problem for so long, and the solution is so simple.

So…what am I going to do about it?

I did some research, and I was shocked to find that:

” an average Australian wastes 200kg of food each year, while two millions of us also go hungry.” – Foodbank

 “The world produces enough food for everyone, yet one in eight still go hungry.” – Oxfam

Foodbank ( is the largest hunger relief organisation in Australia, and it delivered 31,794,967 meals last year. It partners with many big and small businesses that either produce or sell groceries.

Oxfam runs an annual “Eat Local Feed Global” event ( that encourages people to raise awareness on global hunger.

So, after some thought, here’s my 10 point no-brainer weight loss program:

  • limit calorie intake to 300 per meal (3 meals a day)
  • only snack on fruit or something equally healthy
  • no chips, fast food, donuts, sugary drinks etc.
  • grow my own veggie and buy local
  • feel hunger and wait, until I’m absolutely sure that it’s hunger not craving
  • clean kitchen once a month and donate food I don’t need
  • donate the amounts I save on food to people who really need it
  • eat out less and order less when I do eat out
  • eat slower to allow the brain to register fullness
  • skip artificial sweeteners

and exercise, although I have found that it is more useful for health reasons than weight loss. I have been following this program for 2 weeks now, and I have lost 1.5kg. I will report back on my progress in a few months time.